Hands Free Red Colander

3 Quart Hands Free Hanging Colander

More about Hands Free Red Colander

Arron Kelly is extremely excited to now offer American Made Product to our line. Thanks to Tailored Made Products we are now able to offer this strong, sturdy, one of a kind Hands Free, Hanging & Standing Red Colander.

The Plastic this item is constructed with is Strong, Durable, Dishwasher Safe, FDA Approved, BPA Free and just as sturdy as Stainless Steel! Hanging Two Ways, and being able to stand on its own this Colander is definitely more versatile than most.

Now here is how it works, the first hanging piece is shaped like a coat hanger hook and it hooks onto the facet base. The second hanging piece is directly across from the hook and is 3.5 in. long.

It is designed to hang over sink dividers, which is really great for campers! The base of this colander is very sturdy, so hanging it is not the only option. This Oval design stands fine on its own.

The Oval design is also perfect for precise pouring, it has small dips on each small end of the oval.

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